Dead Girl Ryuichi Sakamoto x Chitose Hajime

死んだ女の子 Dead Girl

Dead Girl

dont forget, dont you forget
please open the door, it is me knocking the door
that door this door i keep knocking
dont be scared about me who you cant see
dont be scared about the girl nobody can see
i died, in Hiroshima,
in that Hiroshima, in the morning of summer day
i was seven then, i am still seven now
a dead child never grows old.

the fire caught my hair, my both arms, my both eyes
my body is hand full of ash
i am ash that easily get blown with cold wind

i beg you, but i dont want bread or rice
i, who burnt like piece of paper, cannot have any sweet lollies

it is me knocking on the door
please do something for the peaceful world,
for children not to get burnt
for children who like to lick their lollies
by skdob | 2009-08-03 21:08 | 音楽
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